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Pick of the Litter – Brooke

Every Friday, Columbia Second Chance joins The Dove with the Pick of the Litter! Brooke Say hi to Brooke! The Dove and Second Chance‘s Pick of the Litter! Brooke is a one-year-old

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People Are Drinking Cicada Shots

Cicada-infused shots are a thing now. Cicadas are everywhere.  Even in drinks. There’s a bar in chicago that sells shots of Malört – a suburban chicago liqueur – infused with

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a woman stands in a store in the department of household chemicals with a cart chooses shampoo

AI Smart Carts Are Coming

More and more things are either “Smart” or AI and we can add grocery carts to that list now! Say goodbye to that regular old shopping cart you used to

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USA Tops Tourism List

When it comes to tourism, America is number one! Break out the champagne bottles and start the, “USA!  USA!” chants!  America has been awarded the title of “Best Country for

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