Several old people playing board game

Average Person No Longer “Cool” At 39

On average, we say we aren’t cool anymore at 39-years-old.

When did you realize you weren’t cool anymore?  For the average American, the age is 39.

It could be one of a bunch of things that make you think you’re no longer with it, but here are the top 10 from a new poll.

1.  Slang.  40% said they’re completely out of touch with new slang.

2.  Celebrities, 35%.  Thanks, Youtubers and Influencers!

3.  The arts, 34%.

4.  Fashion, 32%.

5.  Books, 32%.

6.  Technology, 26%.

7.  Movies, 23%.

8.  Social media, 22%.  I still don’t have an Instagram and (hopefully) never will!

9.  Music, 19%.  But when you have Dove music, who needs the new stuff?!

10.  Food, 8%.

Now get off my lawn!

– Joe