Could Jack Dawson Have Lived In “Titanic?” Argument Is Settled!

Should Rose have let Jack on the door?  Everyone is forgetting one massive detail in this never-ending argument!

People have been arguing since “Titanic” came out in 1997.

Was there room for Jack on the door with Rose?

Could they both have lived or would it have meant doom for both if Jack hopped on the door?

Director, James Cameron, has even weighed in on the argument.  They recreated the entire scene to test it out!  Not to mention the countless YouTube Videos dissecting the topic.

There’s something glaringly obvious that everyone is missing or just plane ignoring, though.  The fact that Jack was better off in the water and would’ve been more likely to survive!

The temperature was right around freezing when the ship went down.  Getting out of the already cold water at that temperature would be infinitely worse than just staying in the water.  Think about it like coming out of the lake or shower.  You’re fine while you’re in there, but once your wet body or swim trunks (full clothing in Jack and Rose’s case) hits the air, it’s like a horrible punch from a frozen hand.  There’s no way Rose lasts longer than Jack in this situation.

So that’s it.  It was just a movie – a fantastic movie – and there’s no need to argue about Jack and Rose on the door anymore.