Delicious cakes serving with coffee. Sweet dessert with coffee.

Let Them Eat Cake, Or Take It Away?

A woman is actually wanting her coworkers to stop bringing in sweet treats!

One of the sweetest (pun intended) joys in the world is walking into your place of work and seeing free treats on a table!  Not for everyone, though.

There’s a woman who’s trying to figure out how to stop her coworkers from bringing tasty treats to work.

She says, “It is a job where you end up incredibly tired sometimes and I have little will power around chocolate at the best of times but when I’m tired it’s a million times worse.  Essentially, I eat far more sweet things now due to this b***dy table of junk food. Obviously, as I eat things I replace them but then I just eat them again.”

Lack of willpower is no fun, but just because you can’t control yourself around something doesn’t mean everyone has to miss out.  Or do you think the woman has a point?  Let us know!

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