two cute kids sharing an ice cream float

Local Love: The Perfect Pairing of The Dove and Inside Columbia

two cute kids sharing an ice cream float

Today, we’re diving into something that truly warms our hearts—the incredible partnership between 98.3 The Dove and Inside Columbia Magazine. It’s a beautiful testament to the spirit of local pride and togetherness that we hold dear in our hearts. Let’s take a closer look at this match made in heaven:

A Shared Mission: Community and Local Business Support

Our beloved 98.3 The Dove and Inside Columbia Magazine go beyond mere information sharing. They share a deep commitment to supporting local businesses and nurturing community growth. This shared purpose strikes a chord with women in their 40s who form a significant part of our audience. Unlike other stations and magazines, our local connection cannot be replicated by outside giants, no matter how vast their reach may be.

Empowering Local Business

Inside Columbia Magazine is a shining beacon for local businesses, from charming boutiques to delectable restaurants. This spotlight on local gems injects vitality into our local economy and fuels the spirit of our tight-knit community. It’s your go-to source for all things Columbia, whether you’re looking for wedding tips, seeking the perfect gluten-free treat, or exploring the wonders of home & garden, health & wellness, fashion, and travel – all with that distinctive Columbia flair.

Audible and Visual Connection

98.3 The Dove adds an enchanting audio layer to this partnership with intimate conversations and timeless tunes that resonate deep within. Paired with Inside Columbia Magazine’s captivating visuals, we offer a comprehensive brand experience that speaks directly to our primary audience of women. Did you know that 61.6% of our listeners are female? We’re proudly broadcasting throughout 20 vibrant Mid-Missouri counties, including cities like Jefferson City, Fulton, Ashland, and of course, Columbia.

Stronger Together

Together, 98.3 The Dove and Inside Columbia Magazine radiate a special kind of brilliance. This dynamic synergy showcases the incredible power of a united community. While each entity stands strong on its own, their collaborative efforts make them even more potent. Our focus isn’t just on what’s best for our radio station or the magazine – it’s about serving you, our listeners, and our readers.

About 98.3 The Dove

98.3 The Dove is your go-to lite rock station, playing beloved classics from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and more. We’re Mid-Missouri’s fastest-growing station, and our playlist is a treasure trove of timeless artists like Paula Abdul, The Beatles, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, and so many more. Our mission extends beyond music; we’re all about building up our local community and supporting local businesses. Plus, we’re changing the game by minimizing ad interruptions, giving both listeners and businesses a breath of fresh air.

Inside Columbia Magazine

About Inside Columbia Magazine

Inside Columbia Magazine is your insider’s guide to all things Columbia. From upcoming events to the “Best of Columbia” series, it explores every nook and cranny of our vibrant city. Special sections like “Ask the Expert” and “Faces of Columbia” introduce you to local heroes and top-notch services that make our community shine.

Local Love: The Perfect Pairing

Our beautiful partnership exemplifies the strength of local-driven media. Through our unwavering support for local businesses, celebration of individual stories, and the creation of a genuine sense of belonging, we embody the essence of “Local Love.” We invite all brands to come together and follow our lead in expanding their reach and making the most profound impact in their communities.

Keep the love local, Columbia! We’re in this together.