Why Every Generation Is The Worst

Is Gen Z the worst?  Yes!  For now…

Some new research says that Gen Zers are, in fact, the worst generation.  But every generation was at some point!

Gen Z is just the youngest right now, therefore the worst.  Younger humans tend to think less of hard work, want more rewards from less work, and more.  We were all like that when we were kids!  You too, Boomers!

Hey, I get it.  I’m a Millennial.  There was a time we were the most despised generation.  Millennials like myself even hated Millennials so much that we distanced ourselves and created the Xennials (older Millennials who had some of our childhoods not dominated by technology).

So Gen Z, while you think it’s unfair that everyone makes fun of you right now, just wait.  You get to jump on the bandwagon and rip on the next generation of kids soon enough!

  • Joe