Cute puppy and kittens to promote Pick of the Litter on 98.3FM The Dove

Why Your Business Should Sponsor ‘Pick of the Litter’ on 98.3FM The Dove

Cute puppy and kittens to promote Pick of the Litter on 98.3FM The Dove

In mid-Missouri, community bonds are as strong as Southern sweet tea, and nothing stirs those bonds quite like puppies and kittens, and your favorite tunes with Joe Lose and 98.3FM The Dove. This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill radio station – it’s a living, breathing testament to the power of local connectedness. Every Friday, Joe features the ‘Pick of the Litter,’ a celebration of the most lovable pets at Columbia’s Second Chance, as they search for a brighter future through local adoptions. It’s an opportunity for someone to find their four-pawed soul mate. It’s also an opportunity for local businesses to forge deeper connections with pet lovers all across Boone County.

Columbia’s Second Chance: Bridging Hope and Homes

Your brand could be the headline act on the heartstrings of Columbia’s pet lovers. ‘Pick of the Litter‘ is not just any radio segment; it is a cultural touchstone that brings families, neighborhoods, and local businesses together. Each Friday, the program showcases a precious pet from Columbia’s Second Chance, narrating tales of rescue, resilience, and readiness for a forever home. It’s an affair that tugs at the emotions, promising a bountiful harvest of goodwill and community engagement for your business.

At the core of this touching narrative is Columbia’s Second Chance, a beacon of hope for our furry friends. This bustling hub of kindness and care doesn’t simply rehome animals – it rekindles spirits. Featuring their diligent work on ‘Pick of the Litter’ further endorses the invaluable services they render and aligns your brand with a purr-fectly good cause.

Paw-some Benefits for Your Business

Now, picture this: each sponsor becomes the focal point of gratitude, as your brand receives a crescendo of acknowledgment through on-air promotions, an advertising schedule, and digital recognition on the Dove’s Facebook page as well as on the Pick of the Litter page here on By consistently advertising on 98.3FM, your brand image can soar. The rhythm of community support grows with every broadcast of your memorable ad campaign, leading Columbia’s community to celebrate your business, one cute puppy at a time.

How Your Business Can Sponsor ‘Pick of the Litter’

The process is as easy! Get in touch with us at 98.3FM The Dove and express your interest in sponsoring this altruistic enterprise. The team there will guide you through the details, the cost, and the campaign materials needed. Your sponsorship pledge is not just a financial commitment; it’s a celebration of your business’s devotion to all things furry, local, and loving.

It’s not just about the wagging tails and the wet noses. It’s about the shared smiles, the mutual support, and the community that thrives on that connection. Sponsor ‘Pick of the Litter’ on 98.3FM The Dove, and you’re not just bringing hope to pets; you’re heralding a beacon of positivity for your business in the local landscape.

Finding fur-ever homes for our ready and wiggling four-legged friends – yet another reason to love 98.3 The Dove!